TELA Champions Dinner

TELA Champions Dinner
June 15, 2023 leighsargent611

TELA hosted Tallahatchie County Early Childhood Champions for dinner and conversation on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 in Tutwiler, and Thursday May 11, 2023 in Charleston. TELA shared ways they are supporting a community where children thrive, including a Pre-K kindergarten playground at Charleston Elementary, and increasing parental involvement through a new parent academy program, Rezlient Kidz.

“I love connecting with our Champions. It gives me a sense of hope and encouragement to see them excited about what we are doing for our communities children,” says Leigh Sargent, Executive Director at TELA. “If we ensure a solid foundation in their early years of learning, they will be strong, lifelong learners.”

If you want to become a TELA Champion by supporting the early childhood experience in Tallahatchie County, contact TELA at or call (662) 418-7344.

If you would like to be involved in Rezilient Kidz, please contact Mrs. Cheryl Swoopes at or (662) 418-7344.