Growing Voices

Growing Voices
June 11, 2015 Darren Schwindaman

The Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance is about growing our children, our teachers, our schools, and our community. These are our voices telling our stories.


For two years now, the Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance has been growing. We have grown from a staff of 1 to a staff of 6. We have grown from supporting only kindergarten students to reaching children from birth to age 8. We have built even more partnerships to strengthen our work—indeed, it is our partnerships that have made this tremendous growth possible.

Our growth has been fueled by stories. In writing the Early Learning Collaborative Grant, we told the story of a community that was excited to work together to improve early learning outcomes for its children. In building our collaborative prekindergarten classrooms, we told families about an environment that supports language development and the value of being ready for kindergarten. And on our Facebook page, we have captured the stories of those classrooms, where children are learning and growing every day.

TELA wants to grow the voices of children so that they are prepared to build a better future for Tallahatchie County. We want to support the voices of families and schools that are growing these children. And we welcome those outside voices that can help us build capacity within our own community.

Now with this new website and blog, we will be able to share these voices with an even bigger audience. We are excited to continue writing the story of Tallahatchie County together.