Week of the Young Child 2023

Week of the Young Child 2023
April 2, 2023 leighsargent611

The 2023 Week of the Young Child kicks off Monday, April 3rd, and we are super excited to celebrate with a full week of fun, educational classroom activities!

Music Monday

Music is a part of every day in our Pre-K classrooms. We love to sing songs, move our bodies to music and play instruments in our classroom.

  • Dance party in the classrooms
  • Making maracas out of recycled materials
  • Music instructors will lead students in some Jack Hartman songs as they transition to kindergarten!

Tasty Tuesday

Cooking with children enhances fine motor skills, teaches life skills, and so much more.

  • Create a list of favorite foods
  • Create chart of “Our Favorite Foods” from magazine cut outs and drawings
  • Make fruit parfait cones during snack time, including preparation (washing, rinsing and peeling their own fruit)

Work Together Wednesday

Teaching children to work together fosters cooperation and builds a positive classroom culture. Children see that they accomplish tasks more easily and they experience a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  • Team building games
  • Building structures together that would withstand various types of (teacher made) weather

Artsy Thursday

Art is all around us! Creativity is so special – encouraging, and allowing children to be creative is a wonderful thing. We’ll watch the magic unfold!

  • Individual photos to take and print
  • Create self portraits using face shapes, paper hair, wiggle eyes and markers