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Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance

About TELA
The Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance (TELA) is a collaborative for quality early childhood education in Tallahatchie County, MS. TELA is an initiative of the Tallahatchie River Foundation. We empower local stakeholders — families, teachers, businesses, civic leaders and government officials — to work together in support of language and literacy for third grade achievement.
Our Mission
Empower Tallahatchie County to engage in a three-part process for quality education reform: collaborate, solve and sustain.
• Collaborate to translate proven models to meet local needs
• Solve what’s actionable today
Sustain what works and grow towards tomorrow
Part of Tallahatchie River Foundation (TRF)

Tallahatchie River Foundation is a 501[c][3] non-profit that empowers collaboration for quality early childhood education in Mississippi.

There is a direct correlation between third grade proficiency and the lifelong success of individuals, communities and economies. With education at the center, local communities in Mississippi are poised to thrive.

We are equal owners in the shared responsibility of a thriving future. 

Together We Can Thrive By Third.