About Us

Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance

The Tallahatchie Early Learning Alliance (TELA) is a collaborative for quality early childhood education in Tallahatchie County, Mississippi.TELA is an initiative of the Mississippi Early Learning Alliance (MELA). MELA drives collective impact with diverse stakeholders to achieve systemic change leading to the holistic development of Mississippi children in their first 8 years of life.


In 2014, we became one of the first communities to receive Early Learning Collaborative funding from the state of Mississippi. With the support of state funds, we work to ensure that all 4 year olds in Tallahatchie
County have access to high-quality pre-K programs. We provide backbone support to our four educational provider partners:

  • West Tallahatchie Head Start Center
  • Eva Covington Head Start Center
  • East Tallahatchie School District
  • West Tallahatchie School District

TELA operates as the backbone organization for the collective impact process in the county. This is a process where people work together toward our shared goals of supporting children’s health, quality early education, and connected communities in our county. As the backbone organization we guide vision and strategy, establish shared measurement, support aligned activities, cultivate community engagement and ownership, advance policy, and mobilize resources for the groups with whom we work.